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I'm Birdie!!! I'm an 18 year old stoner/hippie that loves to chill out and have fun! I'm probably one of the chillest dudes you'll ever meet. Umm yeah I guess just get to know me lol
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Grass Starter Pokemon Posters - Created by Thong Le

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Kanto Illustrations #113 - 125 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

It’s been a while since our last update on this series but without further ado, here is Part 6 of Piper Thibodeau’s ongoing reimagination of every Pokemon from the Pokedex! There are a lot of really fun and creative renditions in this set, although it may take a couple looks to recognize all of them. Piper has been hard at work creating other fantastic pieces on top of this series, so be sure you follow on Tumblr and Twitter to stay caught up on all her work.

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Addies for my laddies.


Four 2mg Alprazolam (Xanax) bars, and a little over 15mg’s of Adderall (M. Amphet Salts) beads.


I got addys on addys on addys.
30 20mg xr
60 10mg xr
60 10mg ir


Shit Nigga I’m So Fucking High *-*


Shit Nigga I’m So Fucking High *-*

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